What Does Professional Window Cleaning Include?

If you’re wondering what your professional window cleaner includes, read this article. It covers everything from micro-fibre cloths to mold-removal solutions. And don’t forget power washing! Professional window cleaners know how to make your windows look like new! And they know how to avoid damaging them along the way! But what exactly do they do? And do they include these other things? Continue reading to find out.


Professional window cleaners use squeegees to remove dirt and streaks from windows. The right type of squeegee for the job will vary in size and features. It is important to choose the right one to maximize efficiency while decreasing labor costs and achieving quality results. Squeegees from brands such as Unger and Ettore have better-quality rubber that is more durable and makes window cleaning easier. These squeegees come with lifetime warranties and are compatible with other Unger products.

To start your squeegee cleaning project, you must be familiar with proper technique. The first step is holding the squeegee correctly. The handle should be held with the right hand. The thumb should be placed halfway between the top and side of the handle. Then, you must set up the squeegee at the correct angle. The angle that the handle touches the glass should be 0 degrees and 90 degrees should be 45 degrees. The handle should be positioned in a way to prevent over-squeeging.

Micro-fibre cloths

If you want to save time and money while window cleaning, consider using micro-fibre cloths. These are highly absorbent cloths that can be used both wet and dry. They can be folded to work in different sections and remove excess water without leaving lint on the glass. You can buy these in bulk and save on your window cleaning costs! But what should you look for in a micro-fibre cloth?

A good micro-fibre cloth has a chamois side and an orange side for drying. The chamois side of the cloth will absorb the moisture and make the glass bone-dry. Unlike paper towels or sponges, micro-fibre cloths are washable. If you don’t want to clean them, invest in a high-quality micro-fibre cloth.

Mold-removal solutions

Professional window cleaners include mold-removal solutions in their service packages. Using a diluted bleach solution and water can easily remove mold on windows. The solution should be mixed with one gallon of water before using on windows. It is important to note that bleach is dangerous to use in the presence of other cleaning products. In addition, the area requiring cleaning must have adequate ventilation and fresh air. If it is not possible to obtain fresh air, a HEPA air purifier can help ensure the quality of the air in the surrounding area.

Another solution that can effectively eliminate mold is hydrogen peroxide or baking soda. These products are antifungal and antibacterial, and can effectively kill mold spores. For more severe cases, hydrogen peroxide or baking soda are best. Both have anti-mold properties, killing up to 80% of the spores that cause mold. When used correctly, these solutions will eliminate mold odor.

Power washing

Professional window cleaning services will use a high-pressure hose to rinse the windows and remove any chemical cleaners. When power washing the windows, a professional will use squeegees that have a soft blade to remove dirt and debris from the glass. You can do the same by using a hose. Using a microfiber cloth to dry the windows is another way to avoid water spots.

The pressure that a power washer uses to clean your windows is extremely high, and if done incorrectly, could easily break your windows. While a power washer may be fast, it may also damage your windows. High-pressure water may damage window parts and the home itself. While pressure washing your windows is safe for exterior windows, the wrong spray pattern can break or damage them. It’s best to spray the windows with a 45-degree angle, as this will reduce the amount of water that hits the glass.

Glass restoration

One of the benefits of professional window cleaning services is glass restoration. While it is generally thought that glass restoration is an expensive process that requires a high level of expertise, most scratches or damage can be repaired. By utilizing proper glass restoration techniques, window glass can be repaired to appear like new. Glass restoration can also be done on site, without the need to remove the entire pane of glass. However, the procedure must be done with extreme care and caution, and only an experienced professional should be trusted with the job.

Glass scratching can be caused by abrasive materials and fabricating debris. The construction industry is one of the biggest causes of scratches in glass, and while protection measures are becoming increasingly commonplace, certain builders still fail to take proper precautions when working with plasters, brick layers, and welders. Professional glass restoration services use different techniques for repairing glass, and a good company will do a thorough inspection before removing any scratches. Browse next article.