Top 5 Automatic Window Washers

Automatic Window Washers

Top 5 Automatic Window Washers

An automatic window washers is an excellent way to keep windows sparkling and clean. There are many different types of automatic window cleaners, but there are a few key features you should look for. The temperature should be between 50 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit and the cleaning pad must be washed and replaced regularly. In addition, some are not suited for areas with a high humidity level.

Mamibot W120-T

The Mamibot W120-T automatic window cleaner is designed to give your windows a deep clean. It has intelligent cleaning routes that adapt to the type of window you have. It also offers cleaning routes for frameless glass and smooth walls and floors. Its safety features include multi-direction anti-falling sensors and a safety rope. It operates quietly and has a deep cleaning mode.

The Mamibot W120-T uses artificial intelligence to know the size of each window and choose the best path to clean it. It has a remote app to control its cleaning. It takes about two minutes to clean a square meter of glass. It is equipped with an emergency battery to keep working on your windows for up to 20 minutes. The Mamibot W120-T also comes with a safety rope so you can use it on higher floors.

Automatic Window Washers
Automatic Window Washers

Gladwell Gecko

With its advanced algorithms, the Gladwell Gecko automatic window washer has a variety of benefits over manual window cleaning. It is able to detect and scrub difficult-to-reach corners, edges, and windows. Unlike manual window cleaning, which requires a ladder, the gecko can clean windows without you having to get up. You can even use it to clean your windows from the comfort of your couch.

The Gladwell Gecko robot cleans your windows by using suction and microfiber pads. The robot is able to remove light dirt and debris, as well as scrub the windows with water. It even has a safety rope to prevent you from falling and being harmed while operating it. The Gladwell Gecko has a range of useful features, and is reasonably priced.


The BOBOT WIN3060 automatic window cleaner uses water and detergent to effectively clean your windows. The machine’s attached microfiber cloth dries the water off the windows once it’s done cleaning. It has auto-sensing and laser detection technology for optimal cleaning. It has a 30-minute battery backup, which means it won’t run out of power during cleaning.

This automatic window washer is capable of cleaning frameless glass, tables, and walls with ease. It eliminates the need for manual window washing, which can be time-consuming and stressful. It also includes a five-layer microfiber washable pad to reduce the need to scrub windows manually. WIN-SLAM 2.0 technology ensures that the cleaning process is smart and efficient.

Winbot X

The Winbot X automatic window washer uses a four-stage cleaning system, squeegeeing and wiping in every direction. This creates a streak-free, shiny surface. The unit also uses a double-pass cleaning pattern that cleans the entire window.

The Winbot X comes with four cleaning pads and a safety tether that holds the unit in place when it moves. It requires about 2.5 hours to fully charge and will work for up to 50 minutes. It is powered by regular alkaline batteries and has a tether of approximately 8.2 feet.

The Winbot X is easy to use and maintain. The machine measures 10.7 by 10.7 inches and weighs four pounds. It has a large Start/Pause button and an LED indicator built into its handle. It also comes with a squeegee and suction fan, driving treads, four edge detection sensors, and a safety pod.

Automatic Window Washers
Automatic Window Washers

Hobot 298

The Hobot 298 is a revolutionary automatic window washer that uses bio-mimicry technology to clean windows. It has a detachable water tank and ultrasonic water spray nozzle that nebulizes water into 15um mists to clean windows evenly. The water tank holds enough water to clean up to 40m2 of glass.

The HOBOT 298 has the strongest vacuum force of any HOBOT window washer, with a vacuum force of 6 kg. The HOBOT is so powerful it can grab a window frame without magnets, and it has an inbuilt laser sensor that can detect the shape and size of a frameless window. The HOBOT 298 can clean a wide range of window sizes, and its unique design makes it an attractive option. Its top is a stylish design with clear labels, while its bottom features two tanks-like wheels and a wide aerated oval.

Another unique feature of the HOBOT 298 is its built-in AI software. This software is more sophisticated than the software in prior iterations, and it contains three new functions that are exclusive to this model. The HOBOT 298 also features an anti-falling algorithm and is able to sense the edge of a window.

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