The Benefits of a 30 Ft Window Cleaning Pole

30 Ft Window Cleaning Pole

The Benefits of a 30 ft Window Cleaning Pole

If you have many windows in your home or office, you might consider purchasing a 30 ft window cleaning pole. These poles are perfect for professional window cleaning as well as everyday use. They are lightweight and easy to use. They are also available in water fed, aluminum, and hybrid versions. Purchasing one is a worthwhile investment in your business and should last for years.

Water Fed Poles

Water fed window cleaning poles have a number of advantages over traditional cleaning methods. First of all, they eliminate streaks. Second, the water used in these poles is of a high purity. This is important because unpurified water can leave chalky residue on your windows. Water fed poles use a filtration system that uses a mobile de-ionizer, which removes calcium and salt from the water.

Third, water fed pole systems are easy to transport. They fit onto a small cart, which makes them ideal for hard-to-reach windows. This includes small, narrow alleys and apartment buildings. In these cases, the water fed system also eliminates the need to climb up a ladder.

Hybrid Poles

30 ft window cleaning pole

Hybrid window cleaning poles have a number of benefits over traditional window cleaning poles. They offer greater rigidity and control while also being more lightweight and durable. They are ideal for window cleaning jobs that require access to windows on lower levels. Hybrid window cleaning poles are a popular choice among professional window cleaners.

Choosing the right pole for your cleaning needs is a crucial decision for any window cleaner. The right pole will reduce the weight on your back and improve the quality of your work. The three primary differences between poles are the clamping system, material, and size.

Aluminum Poles

Aluminum window cleaning poles are a great way to clean windows without using ladders. They come with an end cone for ease of use and are available in a variety of sizes. Professional window cleaners use these poles because of their high reach capabilities. They are also light, rigid, and incredibly sturdy.

When purchasing a pole, you should first determine the length you require for the windows that you are cleaning. This can vary depending on the height of your tallest windows and the type of building you’re cleaning. The correct length is generally determined by multiplying the height of the tallest window by 1.2. This compensates for the natural bending and flex of a pole, as well as the effect of gravity.

Unger Water Fed Poles

When it comes to waterfed window cleaning poles, Unger has a number of models that meet the needs of many window cleaners. These poles are lightweight, strong, and easy to handle. In addition, they feature water-fed brushes and can be customized to clean specific surfaces and degree of cleaning.

In addition to water fed poles, Unger also manufactures the Hy-Mod and ULTRA Hi-Mod owner/operator poles. Both of these poles feature water-fed cleaning systems and are suitable for use on lower level windows. These poles are a great choice for professional window cleaners.

30 Ft Window Cleaning Pole
30 Ft Window Cleaning Pole

XERO Destroyer Water Fed Poles

If you have been looking for a quality water fed window cleaning pole, you’ve come to the right place. XERO makes poles that are made to the highest standards, and they have an unbeatable warranty. You can rest assured that your pole will last for many years. The company offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a six-year warranty on the hose and clamps.

This water fed window cleaning system combines a telescopic pole with a brush system that agitates the glass surface. When you are finished, the surface will be spot-free and dry. This powerful window cleaning solution allows you to safely clean exterior windows up to five stories high. It also eliminates the need for scaffolding and ladders.

Xero Micro Water Fed Poles

The XERO Micro water fed window cleaning pole is one of the most popular window cleaning poles on the market. Its lightweight design and carbon fiber construction make it an excellent choice for residential window cleaning professionals. Available in a variety of colors, this pole is easy to use and store. Whether your business is large or small, the XERO Micro is sure to fit in with your current corporate design.

The XERO Micro Water Fed Window Cleaning Pole is available in different lengths and features. It comes with a standard angle adapter, pole tips, and a Tucker Dual Trim Hybrid brush. The XERO Micro also has 40 feet of hose.

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