The Average Cost of Window Cleaning

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The Average Cost of Window Cleaning

The average cost of window cleaning varies based on the type of window or door. Some cleaning companies charge for a single window or door while others charge for a complete cleaning. Before choosing a window cleaning company, consider how much each type of window or door will cost and what services they provide. While some window cleaning companies offer a free wipe down service, others will charge an additional $2-4 per window or door.

Clear View Window Cleaning
Clear View Window Cleaning

Price per pane

The price per pane for window cleaning varies greatly depending on the type of window and the complexity of the cleaning. Residential windows usually cost $40 to $75 per pane, while high-rise buildings can cost upwards of $85 per pane. Window cleaning crews generally work in two-person teams, which means the price per pane depends on the number of panes. A typical four-story home is likely to require four hours of cleaning, or $120 to $300 per pane.

For sliding windows, the cost per pane varies greatly. Sliding windows can cost four to five dollars per pane, but you may need to charge more if there are multiple panes. This is especially true if the windows are exceedingly dirty. Additional charges are typically required for screens and sills, which can add up to an additional $0.50 per pane.

Price per window

If you have a small window cleaning business and want to increase your profit, you might think about charging per window. But charging per window is not always profitable, and it could lose you a lot of business. Generally, it’s better to charge a flat rate per window, which will help you keep track of your overheads and profit margins.

Depending on the type of window and its size, the price per window can range from $8 to $40. Windows with fewer panes, such as single-hung windows, are cheaper to clean. However, windows with multiple panes may be more expensive. The price per window will be higher if the windows are located on the third or fourth floor. This is because these windows require cleaning from lifts and ladders. In addition, windows with complicated designs may be more expensive to clean.

Price per door

Setting the price for your window cleaning services is crucial for your business’s long-term survival. The wrong pricing strategy can lead to a loss of potential customers. At the same time, charging too low could lead to a deficit. Achieving the right balance between pricing too low and high is important for your business’s long-term sustainability.

The cost of window cleaning depends on the size and difficulty of your windows. The average price for cleaning a single door is between $4 and $10, and it can range up to $30 for larger windows. Glass doors are typically easier to clean than windows, but they still need regular cleaning. This is due to the fact that hands and pets quickly leave fingerprints on glass doors. Glass doors are also typically easier to clean on your own, so you can save money by doing it yourself. Some window cleaning companies offer discounts to regular customers for weekly, monthly or repeat appointments. Additionally, many of these companies provide ladders and other equipment to reach higher windows.


Costs for window cleaning services vary according to the size and number of panes. A typical residential cleaning job can range anywhere from $149 to $296. The national average is $213. You can also save money by cleaning your windows yourself. You can purchase cleaning tools that are affordable and easy to use.

The basic labor costs include acquiring equipment, preparing and protecting the work area, and purchasing cleaning materials and supplies. If you’re hiring a professional, you can also rent specialty equipment to increase the quality of your work and efficiency. Some companies also offer daily rentals of specialty equipment. Some of these services will include a minimum hourly labor charge.

Exterior window cleaning costs will range between $24 and $35 per pane, while interior window cleaning is between $13 and $28 per pane. Additional charges may apply if putty, paint, or plaster needs to be removed. Costs may be higher if your windows are on a high floor or are difficult to access.

Errors and omissions in window cleaning

Errors and omissions during window cleaning can leave your client disappointed. While they’re rare, they can happen, and you’ll have to deal with them. Whether they’re caused by the wrong tools, careless or deliberate, a mistake can ruin a client’s first impression of your window cleaning business. To avoid mistakes, follow these simple guidelines.

Avoid using paper towels or lint-based cloths to clean your windows. These materials can leave fibers on your window glass, which isn’t good for your glass. Additionally, you shouldn’t use newspapers for window cleaning because they contain toxins from the ink.

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