Hiring High Rise Window Cleaning Specialists

There are a number of different things that you need to consider when you are considering hiring high rise window cleaning specialists. Some of the most common safety measures include the use of a bosun’s chair, movable platforms, and water fed pole systems. Here are a few of these steps. You should be aware of these safety measures to keep you and your property safe. High rise window cleaning experts can help you avoid these pitfalls. Learn more.

Using a movable platform

A movable platform provides a stable surface for the cleaner to stand on while scaling the exterior of the building. Its ropes are connected to a pulley system that lowers it down when the cleaner moves to the next floor. High rise window cleaning requires various safety tools. Here are a few of these tools. A toolbelt is an essential safety tool for high rise window cleaning.

A movable platform can be used to clean the windows of high-rise buildings. A movable platform allows cleaning crews to safely access the facade of the building, while the stationary ones cannot. Because the work involves high-rise windows, architects should carefully plan the design of high rise window washing systems. A variety of system manufacturers provide assistance with the process, but it is best to consult with a cleaning vendor before deciding on the final product.

Using a bosun’s chair

Using a bosun’s stair chair for high rise window cleaning is an excellent solution for window cleaners who need to access windows that are above their heads. This chair can be used with ease by trained operators as it is easier to maneuver than stage scaffolding, and it is equipped with a fall arrest device. The user is secured in the chair with a full-body harness that is attached to a security line anchored to the roof. Bosun’s stair chair cleaning is a safe option for companies who need to clean high-rise windows, but they can also be used on a commercial property that cannot be reached with ladders or extension poles.

The bosun’s stair chair has a very sturdy construction and is easy to move. Its suspension system uses a rope to suspend the occupant, rather than a seat board. The chair can be adjusted to the user’s height, and it is equipped with safety clips and extra lines for emergency use. The stairway access mechanism is also adjustable to fit a variety of sizes, making it easier to accommodate different heights.

Using a water-fed pole system

Compared to conventional window cleaning methods, water-fed pole systems are faster and more efficient. The water is delivered directly to the window, and the force of the jet is designed to lift dirt and debris from the surface without harming the structure of the building. The water rinses off windows without streaks and water spots, which saves time and effort. The water-fed pole system is also safer for employees.

The water fed pole is a lightweight carbon fiber pole equipped with a brush head. A filtration system and pump attached to the pole dispenses purified water on demand. The water is used to clean exterior windows, leaving them streak-free and naturally dry. Unlike traditional window cleaning methods, the water-fed pole can easily reach windows that are difficult to clean. With its high reach, it allows window cleaners to clean even the highest and most difficult-to-reach windows.

Safety measures

Work at height poses several hazards that a high rise window cleaning specialist should be aware of. Among these is the risk of electrocution. To avoid electrocution, workers should maintain a minimum 10-foot distance from power lines and exposed outlets. They should also ensure that ladders, extension poles, and water-fed poles are not longer than 10 feet from a power source. These safety precautions can reduce the risk of falls or other injuries.

Before beginning a job, window cleaners should connect safety anchors to the building’s sides. These anchors are generally tested to support up to a thousand-pound load. They are designed to prevent accidents if the bolt comes loose or a safety line becomes disconnected. Safety anchors should be checked annually to ensure that they are still effective. Once a year, window cleaners should check their safety anchors.


If you need your windows cleaned, you might wonder how much it costs to hire high rise window cleaning specialists. While the service is generally not as extensive as residential cleaning, residential window washing companies can charge as little as $150 per window, depending on size and design. High rise window cleaning specialists also typically need two people to clean these panes safely. Because of the dangers associated with high-rise buildings, they charge per window pane, not per square foot.

Professional high rise window cleaning specialists will scale up the side of the building to clean the glass, taking safety precautions at all times. Industrial buildings can be particularly dirty, and the windows will often be encrusted with snow and smog. They may also be racked with bird droppings, food, and other debris. High rise window cleaning specialists will remove these deposits and restore the appearance of the building. Once the windows are cleaned, it’s important to note that the building itself needs professional maintenance at times. Next blog post.