Automatic Window Cleaner

Automatic Window Cleaner

Automatic Window Cleaner

When you have a dirty window, an automatic window cleaner can be a great way to clean it without any help. These cleaners have robotic arms that spray a cleaning reagent onto the window and wipe off the cleaning pad, removing dirt and debris with a squeegee. Then, they dry the window in just seconds. Some models feature a washable five-layer microfiber pad. They also feature WIN-SLAM 2.0 technology to ensure smart cleaning.

Hutt W66

The Hutt W66 is a lightweight, portable window cleaner with an intelligent algorithm for washing glass surfaces. The machine zigzags across the window pane to remove dirt and grime, using a safety cord, 20-minute battery back-up, and a remote control.

Automatic Window Cleaner
Automatic Window Cleaner

Despite its lightweight design, the Hutt W66 is not suited for frameless glass. Its power capacity is 2600Pa and it has a built-in processor that identifies the best cleaning path. It also comes with a storage case, so it can be easily moved from one window to the next.

The Hutt W66 automatic window cleaner features an ultra-thin body that is 7.6 cm thick, and its laser-detection sensors allow it to adjust its suction force accordingly. This ensures that it cleans your windows without leaving any streaks. In addition, the robot’s body uses a soft cushion to avoid scratches.

Xiaomi Hutt W66 Automatischer Glasreiniger is equipped with an intelligent 150-ml water tank and 8 sets of spruhpoints. It is also equipped with a solid battery and 8-meter cable. It can clean windows without water or with water. The Hutt W66 works with a battery and an 8-meter cable.

The Hutt W66 automatic window cleaner is a great option for people who want to save time and prevent damage. Its size and features make it ideal for homes and offices with glass windows. It features a 2600 pa suction force and can clean a variety of surfaces, including glass.


If you want a window cleaner that will be silent and effective, try the automatic window cleaner from Xiaomi. Its dual tank and extra-powerful 2600 psi suction force make it an excellent option. It is compatible with most glass surfaces. It can also clean mirrors and shower screens. Its price is also affordable, and you can buy it online at AliExpress.

The Xiaomi Hutt W66 Automatic Glass Cleaner comes with an intelligent water tank and eight spray points that spray water evenly onto the surface of the window. The water is evenly dispersed and keeps the cleaning cloth moist. It is even capable of cleaning windows that are heavily stained, which is great if you don’t have a lot of water available. It also has a solid battery, which lasts up to 20 minutes even when you disconnect the power cord.

Automatic Window Cleaner
Automatic Window Cleaner

Another automatic window cleaner from Xiaomi is the Hutt DDC55, which can clean windows from a sofa. It has a safety rope to prevent accidents while cleaning, and it has a clean coverage rate of 99%. It also uses a specially designed vacuum motor to pick up dirt. Its advanced sensors allow it to detect obstructions and return to a clean surface.

Xiaomi has designed an intelligent window cleaning robot that is able to handle large areas and has a high power output. This smart robot can handle windows up to 80 square meters. Its design ensures minimal space on the cleaning surface, and it has a battery capacity of 650 mAh. Xiaomi says it can clean 70-80 square meters of glass in one charge.

One of the most popular window cleaning robots on the market, the Mamibot W120 uses artificial intelligence and can estimate the path it will follow to clean your window. It has an app that can be used to control its operations. It works well with light debris, but heavy debris will need to be cleaned manually. Its safety rope allows it to stand securely on your window without slipping. Xiaomi’s automatic window cleaner offers an affordable price, but the quality of its results is high.

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